ACE Library Book Donation Day

Dear Wonderful ACE Families,

Thursday, December 13, will be ACE’s first annual ACE Library Book Donation Day. Please bring any and all school age appropriate books you’d like to donate to the the second floor office, room 202, where a lovely designated box will await.

Our library is primarily donation based, so any contributions help to widen the available array of literature and information for our ever-thirsty readers.

Here are just a few areas of pronounced interest:

  • Graphic novels
  • Comics
  • Middle grade series
  • Biographies
  • Robotics/Computer science
  • Neuroscience
  • Origami
  • Architecture
  • History – world and American
  • Dictionaries
  • Art
  • Film – making of, history of, and animation
  • Video game design
  • Puzzles/games
  • Copies of The Hobbit
  • Copies of Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Big Nate
  • Copies of any books by Rick Riordan

This list doesn’t begin to encompass the variety of passions that drive ACE students. So, when you’re culling your vast collections to make room for new holiday editions, please think of ACE and set aside whatever may be appropriate for our library. Your books will find a home full of eager and open minds here.

Donations are accepted year round, but mark December 13th as the official school wide day to bring in your pre-loved books.


The ACE Academy Library


About ACE Academy Library

The ACE Academy Library serves the population of ACE Academy: K-12 aged gifted and talented students living in Austin, TX.
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