Library Tumblrs


Photo credit: Ourit Ben-Haim, Underground NYPL

Unlike standard library blogs, library Tumblrs tend to offer more visual impact, frequent updates, fluidity of content, and more varied contributors. Check out some of your librarian’s favorites below:

New York Public Library – Frequently updated and featuring content from a wealth of NYC area libraries, this is a stellar example of a library system fostering communities via information services and a shared love of reading, arts, and media.

Harry Ransom Center – Austin’s own HRC, an incredible resource for arts and humanities, regularly posts pieces from their vast photo, art, and written archives. They also give intriguing peaks into the conservation work done to preserve their impressive collection.

MoMA Library – Riddled with stunning images of their collection, the MoMA Tumblr always has something new for you to discover. It’s pretty easy to get lost in this Tumblr for a while.

Underground New York Public Library – A personal favorite – The Underground NYPL is a photo series by Ourit Ben-Haim featuring a visual library of the subway “Reading-Riders” of NYC. It’s both surprising and comforting to see what people choose to read during their daily commutes.


If you’d like to see more, let me know in 301. Otherwise, more engaging library links are always being collected and primed for posting!



About ACE Academy Library

The ACE Academy Library serves the population of ACE Academy: K-12 aged gifted and talented students living in Austin, TX.
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