November: National Novel Writing Month


ACE Library Patrons and Parents,

November is approaching quickly and if there’s one writing endeavor to keep on your horizon in advance, it’s NANOWRIMO: National Novel Writing Month. This challenge encourages writers of all ages to work avidly on a novel, or other written work, for the entire month of November. The set goal is to complete 50,000 words, or 175 pages for adults – but these grand numbers needn’t scare you off. There’s now a NANOWRIMO for Young Writers, which encourages each writer to set reasonable, yet challenging self-imposed word count goals. The point of the project is to write every day of the month and see what you can come up with. 

If you’d like to officially participate, you can sign-up and create a free account on the NANWRIMO for Young Writers website. On November 25th, you can paste in your written work and have your word count verified. If you reach your project’s goal length, you win! 

Another great feature of the program is that you can access awesome resources including pep talks, workbooks, flyers, web badges, and helpful links. You can even learn how to meet fellow authors.

Even if you don’t formally join the project, it’s still a great motivator to start writing and gain momentum in making progress and completing your pieces. I know a lot of writers and creators at ACE, so if you have any interest in writing – maybe give NANOWRIMO for Young Writers a shot. It’s definitely a worthy endeavor no matter the end results.

You all have 19 days until November 1st, so start brainstorming and start exploring the website!


About ACE Academy Library

The ACE Academy Library serves the population of ACE Academy: K-12 aged gifted and talented students living in Austin, TX.
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