Library-driven Art

Generally, when you think of a library, you think of books, of hushed silence, of studying, of stillness. If you’re a frequent patron, maybe you think of discovery, or of reliability, or of millions of worlds waiting to be explored and immersed in. However, no matter your affiliation to libraries, your mind probably doesn’t leap to the idea art created using library materials.

And yet, this art exists in spades.

In March of 2011, the Scottish Poetry Library was left quite an unusual gift.


This intricate tree sculpture appeared in the library with an accompanying egg containing scraps of paper which when laid out together made “A Trace of Wings” by Edwin Morgan.

After this mysterious gift arrived, more sculptures began appearing at other local libraries and museums.


The sculptures that followed all contained notes with variations of the beginning line, “This is for you in support of libraries, books, words, ideas…”


A fantastic mystery unfolded as the sculptures appeared, each with unique and imaginative themes and handwritten notes.

All in support of libraries! Read more about it, here.

Another stunning example of library-related art comes from Italian artist, Frederico Pietrella, who creates gorgeous pieces using only library stamps. Fascinated with the idea of time, Pietrella changes the date of the stamp to match the current date when working. Each image is painstakingly produced and may take up to two months to finish. Marvel at his library stamp creations below:




Read more about Pietrella, see more photos of his art, and watch a short video of him discussing his work here.

These are just two examples of library-related art. With the vast worlds made available through libraries, it’s no wonder artists have found inspiration in them.

I’ll continue posting library art as it comes to my attention. Take a moment and think about what libraries give to you and what they make you want to create.

About ACE Academy Library

The ACE Academy Library serves the population of ACE Academy: K-12 aged gifted and talented students living in Austin, TX.
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